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Countless people have enjoyed the novel experience of walking inside this gigantic interactive book. The impact creates lasting impressions and these impressions are reflected in guestbook comments, in letters, drawings and stories and in media reviews.

Here are a few examples:


Dear Dar Churcher

I really like the book.
I really like the Royal Museum of Noses.
It was neat. I like it 'cause you put so much imagination into it.

The boy with the head that pops out reminds me of a movie when a little boy is out on a boat when it is in a storm.

It was all magical,
Please write back

Sincerely, Jennifer C

boy with top of head open
girls with octopus

Dear Dar Churcher

Some of my favourites were Joe, the ear mites and the Turtle and the hare. But my most favourite was the Octopus. I learnt that you can do anything if you just imagine

Sarah A

Dear Dar

I like the big purple ear because you had to put your hand in it to make it talk. I like the big book idea, it was neat. I like the octopus he felt rubbery. I liked the picture showing how you made all the things in the exhibit.

One thing that helped me use my imagination was when you put your hands into the cube. My guess was that it was a dinosaur. It was very neat how Joe's head came up and it showed you what he was thinking.

sincerely, Robert R

woman with hand in ear
kids playing with puppets

Dear Dar Churcher

I thought it was really neat how you made the story of the Tortus and the Hare come alive into the moving turn drums. I also liked the paper mache woman who got her nose taken away by the crow. I tried to imagine what happened in the story with Queen Olivia, Daniel, and Octavia.

The puppet idea of Queen Olivia and Daniel was neat. I really liked the whole Just Imagine exhibit. I want to go back again.


Dear Dar

I liked the whole Just Imagine exhibit, especially the cubed box that you put your hand in. I had to use my imagination when I had to put my hand in the cubed holes and felt the thing inside. It felt like a dinosaur. I liked the whole thing so I would give it an A+.

Allan H

kids with hands in mystery box
kids with hands in mystery box
Jamie was inspired to write this story after visiting JUST IMAGINE and hearing Jo's story, PICKLE ISLAND PICK-UP.

There was once a sea queen. She was a lonely girl. One day the Queen said "Why can't I go to the surface? I am the Queen. I know, I will be an orca."

The Queen made a potion that could make a Queen turn into a orca. The next morning the Queen became a orca. She swam up to the surface.

Up at the surface lived a fisherman and his son Jack. The orca got trapped by the fisherman. Jack said "Father please let the orca free." "Okay son I will," said the fisherman. The boy said Goodbye to the orca. The orca became the Queen after she was let go.

On one crisp morning the fisherman and Jack were fishing. Then a wind came and flipped the boat. The sea Queen saw the drowning boy and his father, she rescued the boy and the father. From that day on the father and Jack became friends with the Sea Queen.