Dar Churcher


TRANSFORMATIONS is an ongoing, long-term project inspired by folk tales of the world. Before commencing the sculptural work I launched into research to fine tune the theme. I selected highly unusual stories in which admirable qualities of ‘character,’ demonstrated by one or more of the protagonists, eventually precipitated in a dramatic ‘transformation’ (from animal or mineral into human or vice-versa). By the time I’d finished my research I’d chosen over 30 stories -15 of them have made the short list.

Once I’d settled on specific stories, the next question I needed to answer was, “What part of each tale should I depict?” I felt that the best approach was to portray critical, key moments in the story or the actual transformation scene itself.

My overall goal with this project has been to reflect common threads of human need, desire, goodness and virtue. These traits, found in every culture throughout the world, help define and unite humanity and without their expression we degenerate and devolve.

The relentless cycle of life and its continual state of flux provides the opportunity and challenge for all people, in lesser or greater degree, to learn, evolve, transform and transcend their corporal selves. In short, life is about transformation.

Dar Churcher March 2011

mixed media sculpture of snail shell
wax modeling of hands in progress
wax modeling of hands in progress
wax modeling of head in progress
wax modeling of arms in progress
wax modeling of complete sculpture in progress
Dar in her studio