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Reading plays a crucial role in nourishing the mind and nurturing the imagination.
I created JUST IMAGINE to express this concept in visually concrete terms.

When we open a book and begin to read, a wondrous experience begins to unfold:
we metaphorically enter an unknown world potent with the promise of stimulation and enrichment.

JUST IMAGINE is a book that also enriches minds and souls but it's a book with a difference.
When readers enter JUST IMAGINE, they physically find themselves in a new world - one illustrated not with traditional, two-dimensional artwork but with three-dimensional sculptures, sound and movement.

Exploring the realms of JUST IMAGINE is an engaging, provocative and unique experience that will:

  • Invite interaction
  • Stimulate the imagination
  • Spark creativity
  • Encourage reading and
  • Promote literacy

Do you want to nurture imagination, inspire creativity and promote literacy for people of all ages? My one-of-a-kind 'Big Book' will help you achieve these goals and is available for purchase.

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JUST IMAGINE is enriching, inspirational and . . .
totally unforgettable!