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  • Invite interaction
  • Stimulate and stretch the imagination
  • Spark creativity
  • Provide inspiration
  • Encourage reading and promote literacy

JUST IMAGINE is an enriching, provocative and compelling book that creates vivid impressions in the minds and souls of all those who enter it. These impressions in turn create rich memories that will endure long after the last page has been read. JUST IMAGINE unites individuals and communities with bonds of shared experience. Timeless and inspirational, it is a book that young and old alike will relish, discuss and remember.

Do you want to nurture imagination, inspire creativity and promote literacy for people of all ages? This one-of-a-kind 'Big Book' will help you achieve these goals.

JUST IMAGINE is available for purchase
Expressions of interest and requests for information
should be directed to Dar Churcher at


  • The interior of the book accommodates up to 16 ‘readers’ at a time
  • The installation includes ‘THE INSIDE STORY,’ a 35-image photo essay documenting progress made during the book’s two-year production
  • Welcomes visitors with visual and mobility challenges
  • Is wheelchair and scooter accessible
  • Provides a mini-library and cushions for on-the-spot browsing
  • Contains 3 role-playing aids inspired by the story PICKLE ISLAND PICK-UP:
    Chief Octavio, a rubbery hand puppet
    a yellow sou-wester like Daniel’s
    a wearable version of Queen Olivia’s sea-anemone crown

by Dar Churcher

Ken Guenther, cabinetmaker: executed my designs for the structure
of JUST IMAGINE with superb craftsmanship
Kevin White & Gordie Rapson: ingeniously engineered JO THE WRITER
to make him automated with moving and audible ‘thoughts’
Nigel Sinclair: cleverly manufactured the rotating mechanism for THE FLYING DREAM
Jill, aged 12: provided her very distinctive voice in the role of JO THE WRITER
Ben, aged 10: good humouredly allowed me to make a body cast
of his head and torso for JO THE WRITER
David and daughter Emily, aged 5: expressively interpreted my script,
acting as father and daughter ‘body mites’, in the TALKING EAR